CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (CIR) is a foundation , a non-governmental analytical organisation exploring the polish foreign affairs as well as the most important issues within international relations. Since 1996 CIR conducts its own research projects, creates reports and analyses as well as participates in international projects in cooperation with institutions alike. CIR’s activities are of a research and educational nature. THINKTANK and CIR work in a close organisational cooperation.

CONFEDERATION LEWIATAN is the most dynamic business organisation in Poland. It is the THINKTANK’s most important content partner. Confederation brings together more than 3750 companies employing about 700.000 people, creating regional and professional unions. Lewiatan is a member of the Trilateral Commission on social and economic affairs. It is a part of BUSINESSEUROPE, which represents the interests of entrepreneurs and employers in the European Commission, European Parliament and other EU institutions.

THE EUROPEAN FORUM FOR NEW IDEAS is one of the largest conferences in this part of the continent, dedicated to global trends, new ideas and the future of Europe. It has been organised since 2011 by the Polish Confederation Lewiatan in cooperation with BusinessEurope and the city of Sopot. Every year, the Forum gathers over a thousand participants – representatives of the world of business, science, culture and administration, Polish and European alike to discuss the most important challenges for business and societies in a changing world, global trends and the future shape of the European Union.

POLISH NATIONAL SALES AWARDS (PNSA) is the first such project in Poland, which during an annual since 2008 PNSA competition promotes good practices and sales standards, awarding the best vendors and companies with the most professional and efficient sales departments. PNSA’s mission is promoting the development of enterprises through supporting sales departments, as well supporting the ethos of a professional salesperson in Poland.

THE INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN has more than 60 years of experience in promoting and managing design and product development. It conducts research projects concerning issues such as design and ergonomics. It is the only institution in Poland with a status of both scientific centre as well as a Research and Development Centre , systemically looking into design and working towards improving the innovative character and competitiveness of polish enterprises through design.

THE VALUES CONSULTING GROUP is a group of managers, who conduct educational and consulting projects, founded in 2006 by Dominika Kulczyk and Jacek Santorski. Together with Warsaw University of Technology Business School, their lecturers at the Academy of Leadership Psychology, coaches and consultants form a constellation of independent entities, create an original educational project aimed at business leaders.

THE MARKETING COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION (SAR) since 1997 brings together companies which conduct effective marketing communication (currently 82 members). It organises three advertisement standard-setting competitions and conferences: Effie Awards (an international effective marketing communication competition), Media Trends (innovative media and advertising competition) and Polish Advertisement Competition- KTR (awarding creativeness in advertising). SAR is a representative of the Cannes Lions competition and creative media platform Shots.

THE POLISH PUBLIC RELATIONS CONSULTANCIES ASSOCIATIONS (PPRCA) was established in 2001 to represent the professional PR industry in Poland, currently associating 40 agencies. PPRCA works towards building professional dialogue between the PR industry and media, reinforcing the role of public relations specialists and the proper perception of that role. The Association organises PR FORUM Conference and the Złote Spinacze Awards, promoting the best PR projects. It conducts workshops based on the London School of Public Relations programme.

SUPERBRANDS is an independent organisation, present in more than 80 countries around the world, promoting the idea of brand identity, awarding and presenting case studies of successful brands since 1994. Throughout past years Superbrands title became a recognisable sign of success around the world. The polish edition of Superbrands takes place since 2005. The Brand Council created by Superbrands associats branding and marketing communication experts.

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